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Best of Kinabalu Park Postcards Set


The "Best of Kinabalu Park" collection is a photo journey through the Kinabalu Park over the last 6 years by John Kong. Comissioned by both Sabah Tourism Board and Sabah Parks Board of Trustees, his mission is to develop a different perspective of Kinabalu Park away from the beaten track. The collection hopes to be able to create awe-inspiring images as powerful force to help create a culture of appreciation, understanding and stewardship towards Mother Nature.


Moments of Tranquility


In these book, Semporna is drawn alive in all its colours as it unravels a delicate balance and beauty in a sea of blue hues. Pal trees dance in a flutter of green on the horizon, and you could almost feel the warmth of the Semporna sun as it departs from each page.

Price Lists 2015

Fine Prints

Available finishes: Gloss / Semi Gloss / Luster on Photo Paper

1) 27x11               RM 70.00
2) 18x12               RM 50.00            
3) 36x24               RM 250.00          
4) 60x20               RM 350.00          
5) 48x36               RM 450.00          

Available on Cotton or Fine Art paper 

1) 27x11               RM 160.00
2) 18x12               RM 120.00          
3) 36x24               RM 420.00          
4) 60x20               RM 520.00          
5) 48x36               RM 720.00          

* Prices do not include pack and delivery.
For Metallic finishes, please inquire 

Other Merchandises 

1) 'Best of Kinabalu Park 'Postcard Set containing 10 sets :  RM16.00
2) Poster 12x16                                                                                    :  RM12.00




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